Sequitur Manager


Sequitur Manager

Sequitur Manager is an easy-to-use software which helps you to install, configure, manage and control your Sequitur RTLS. Check and modify system parameters, reconfigure devices and upgrade firmware is quick and easy.

Sequitur Manager embeds REST API in order to provide data to a third-party application and a ready-to-use web client (Sequitur Manager UI) for system configuration and tags monitoring.

Sequitur Manager UI allows to setup zones on the map, generate events when a device enters or exit from a zone, record device history to show trajectories and much more.

Main Features:

  • Easy and advanced configuration, management and maintenance
  • Device database and configuration
  • Extremely quick setup with anchors drag-and-drop on the map
  • Multiple environments managed (multi-worlds)
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Multiple users with restriction classes
  • Position logging
  • Maps editor and configuration of zones/events
  • Advanced diagnostic tools (system log, network analyzer, UWB radio analyzer, system planner, link quality and others)
  • Multiple clients supported

Real-time 3D visualization Features:

  • 2D/3D view
  • Confidence regions
  • Tag-to-tag and tag-to-anchor distance computation
  • Tag-to-tag angle computation (orientation)
  • Accuracy statistics
  • Trail history visualization
  • Quality and connectivity display


Sequitur InTracking Server

Sequitur InTracking Server is the software in charge of the position computation for all the Mini-Tags in the network.

It receives data from Anchors and it generates outputs towards Sequitur Manager or a third-party application.

Mini-Tags are emulated as virtual Tags in order to exploit very easily the same tag protocol and re-use software for fast integration.


Sequitur API Documentation

Sequitur API Documentation provides a large and complete reference for developers.

It includes the description of all the configuration parameters related to network, Tags/Anchors behavior and localization engine configuration. It describes the low-level interface towards Anchors/Tags and InTracking Server using UDP API. It provides the complete reference for high-level interfacing towards Sequitur Manager, enabling fast integration with third-party software and use of the Sequitur web client.

Several examples using C, Java and Matlab for UDP and REST API are provided. An emulation mode allows working on the Sequitur interface without the need of hardware and a physical running system.